Kfc powerpoint presentation

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KFC has been a brand and operating segment, termed a concept[2] of Yum! KFC primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches. While its primary focus is fried chicken, KFC also offers a line of grilled and roasted chicken products, side dishes and desserts.

Outside North America, KFC offers beef based products such as hamburgers or kebabs, pork based products such as ribs and other regional fare. The company adopted the abbreviated form of its name in Additionally, Yum! KFC Corporation is the largest fast-food chicken operator, developer, and franchiser in the world.

Internationally, KFC has more than 3, units, of which two-thirds are also franchised. In addition to direct franchising and wholly owned operations, the company participates in joint ventures, and continues investigating alternative venues to gain market share in the increasingly competitive fast-food market.

In late the company expected to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. Sanders was born on a small farm in Henryville, Indiana, in Following the death of Sanders's father inSanders's mother worked two jobs to support the family.

The young Sanders learned to cook for his younger brother and sister by age six. When Mrs. Sanders remarried, her new husband didn't tolerate Harland. Sanders left home and school when he was 12 years old to work as a farm hand for four dollars a month.

At age 15 he left that job to work at a variety of jobs, including painter, railroad fireman, plowman, streetcar conductor, ferryboat operator, insurance salesman, justice of the peace, and service-station operator.

kfc powerpoint presentation

In Sanders opened a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky, and cooked for his family and an occasional customer in the back room.In the midst of the depression, Harland Sanders who was born just outside Henryville Indianaopens his first restaurant in the small front room of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. In ,the Colonel began actively franchising his chicken business by traveling from town to town and cooking batches of chicken for restaurant owners and employees and awarded Pete Harman of Salt Lake City with the first KFC franchise.

In Kentucky fried chicken first sold in buckets. Eventually the operation grew and moved across the street to a motel and restaurant. Inat the ripe young age of 65, the Colonel sold the Corbin, KY, location and went on the road to enlist new franchises.

In he sold the chain to a group of investors including John Y. Brown Jr. He created an unique technology on how to cook chicken with Inthe governor of Kentucky granted him as KFC colonel for his great contribution to Kentucky catering industry. PepsiCo, Inc.

kfc powerpoint presentation

It has only been over the past few years that the company has had a kid meal program that offered premiums. Unlike many of the other fast food operations, KFC tends to keep their promotions running for longer periods of time, having only four to six promotions throughout the course of the year.

The advantage to this approach to meal premiums is twofold with pluses for both KFC and collectors. While for collectors, the advantage is that there is more time to acquire preferred toys. Needless to say, there was more to the name change than just a PR face-lift. According to outer sources, the real reason for the name change actually dated back to when the Commonwealth of Kentucky — which was apparently mired in debt — actually trademarked the name of their state.

Nowadays, we can see KFC in any Kentucky Fried Chicken refused to pay royalties on a name it had been using sinceas a matter of principal. After a year of futile negotiations with Kentucky the company simply altered its name to KFC and timed the announcement to coincide with the introduction of its new packaging and products.

The Dawn of Darth Maul. All and all a very cool concept no matter what might be said of the movie itself. Profile of colonel Harland sanders. At the age of 40, Sanders was running a popular gas station that also served food, so popular the governor of Kentucky designated him a Kentucky Colonel.

Eventually, Sanders focused on franchising his fried chicken business around the country, collecting a payment for each chicken sold. Since the s, McDonald's family-oriented restaurants have revolutionized the fast-food business and the company has become one of the best known in the world. Thousands of McDonald's restaurants in countries around the world serve millions of customers a day. McDonald's restaurants, which Fast food entrepreneur. After his father died when he was six, Sanders became responsible for feeding and taking care of his younger brother and sister.

From the age of 10, he held down numerous jobs, including farmer, streetcar conductor, railroad fireman and insurance salesman. At age 40, Sanders was running a service station in Kentucky where he would also feed hungry travelers.

After closing the restaurant inSanders devoted himself to franchising his chicken business. He traveled across the country, cooking batches of chicken from restaurant to restaurant, striking deals that paid him a nickel for every chicken the restaurant sold.There's Fast Food Then There's KFC!

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Looking for more business presentation templates? Micromanagement can turn your company into a toxic workplace that good employees abandon. Most leaders realize this, but few take proactive action towards addressing this issue. How bad is micromanagement? So, how does the DTC business model work?The company which was originally founded by Colonel Sanders is now a world-famous QSR brand and operates across countries.

Now, KFC is operated mainly by franchisees. By the year endit had around Apart from fried and non-fried chicken items, the company also serves a variety of entrees and side items suited to local preferences and tastes. KFC is also the largest source of revenue for the part brand Yum! InKFC alone earned a revenue equal to 3. Revenues of Yum Brands declined from to which was mainly due to refranchising.

Refranchising led to an estimated loss of around 1. However, KFC is a very popular brand. It is the leading QSR brand in the chicken category.

Brand equity is a main strength of KFC. In the QSR industry, brand equity can be a major strength, leading to higher sales and revenue. The customers want not just good quality food but also a nice customer experience and great service.

The brand is well known around the world for its delicious chicken. Apart from good quality food, marketing and customer service have also helped the brand gain higher equity and popularity.

QSR industry is markedly very high-level of competition and in this situation building brand equity is important for both attracting and retaining customers. KFC has retained strong focus on brand equity which has resulted in high sales and profits. It operates across countries where its restaurants serve chicken items both fried and non-fried as well as a variety of entrees and side items suited to local taste.

kfc powerpoint presentation

Its number of restaurants around the globe has grown to around The brand continues to refranchise and grow its international presence. While in the past, KFC faced several complaints related to food quality, its focus in this area has grown. It has a large customer base which means a very large number of customers from around the world rely upon KFC.

Apart from responsible sourcing, it has also focused on hygienic storage and other aspects of food quality both down the supply chain and inside the stores. Good food quality is an essential for the QSR brands. It is because apart from being well informed, the customers are now increasingly health conscious and want only good quality food in their plate. They are interested in knowing how and where the food is sourced from, how it is cooked and kept inside the stores.

KFC has managed its supply chain well. While a few issues have still come to light in the recent years, overall the brand has been able to manage food quality successfully to a large extent. Customer service is now increasingly important in the context of business.

It is why not just KFC but its major competitors including the leading QSR brands like McDonalds and Burger King are all focusing on improving the customer experience by providing very good customer service. KFC has also kept the level of customer service high. Apart from good looking interiors of restaurants, it has trained its staff well to provide very good service.

The overall result is impressive sales and profits due to high popularity. Innovation has become more important than ever in the QSR industry and apart from using technology for a better customer experience as well as marketing, sales and supply chain, menu innovation has also become important for customer retention. Apart from other things the brand is investing in digital technology as well as marketing.Toggle navigation.

Help Preferences Sign up Log in. Featured Presentations. Ordering your favorites just got easier! Hurry, Order Online Now! Over 11, worldwide. Worlds largest restaurant company Has same strategy as KFC.

Boston Market. Specialize in Rotisserie chicken. KFC Facts. Suspect 1 produced a handgun and demanded The suspects entered through an unlocked KFC operations have become gradually domesticated from exotic imported food to Fast food restaurants like KFC have been especially successful among children in Corner distances are measured to blue marks on fence, to BS Upper Large. West away from lower corners co-located with U12 Fields KFC Field Measurements.

KFC : ken d ji. McDonald's : m i dang l o. B chi Ken d ji. Oracle Bones Globalized Childhood? Lozada, Jr. Northern China liked foods similar to standard KFC Localization- how KFC changed and adapted to fit the market of children in urban Customer Advisory Board.

December 12, How will the Agency protect the health and safety of its employees? Open the website and look for the updated menu along with the prices. You can even look at the prices at the mobile application. Check the new KFC price list at the Official web page. The voiceover makes you pay attention to this advertisement and then cleverly delivers its point. I like this advertisement because execution is so simple and hence different in the clutter.

PETA ends its campaign against Benetton KFC formerly used partially hydrogenated oil in its fried foods.When it comes to creating a good PowerPoint presentation, choosing an interesting topic can define your success. Both teachers and students get bored with dull presentation topics. To avoid losing your audience and getting a lower grade, you should start with mulling over a few cool presentation ideas to pick a perfect topic.

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Presentation about KFC

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